Eli Matson

Eli Matson is a mixed-media artist and photographer who works and lives in Atlanta, Georgia. He can be found in the studio or knee deep in any branch of the murky river system that snakes through his urban environment. It is here that he sources materials such as broken glass, ceramics, bits of metal, road reflectors, blown tires; essentially any artificial objects that does not belong in the places that they are found. These pieces are then assembled into objects that serve a new life and functionality. From light-catchers fashioned out of bits of sand-worn glass to mosaic table tops, these objects are fabricated for both fine art and commercial applications.

While each piece is chosen to suit the aesthetic of his work, all other trash is simultaneously collected properly disposed. His interest in environmental clean-up stems from trips to the beach, preoccupied by the carrying of two pails; one for seashells and one for trash. The mentality to “do what you can” was instilled in him by his mother and her life long efforts to support the protection and revitalization of our planet’s natural habitats. Through the implementation of this ideal, in his work, it is his aim to change the general public’s sense of complacency when considering the state of the environment.

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